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tonight, the state's attorney's office is investigating a baltimore city police officer. >> he officer is accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year- old female. we are joined live from city police headquarters for more details. >> officer elliott simon has been suspended without pay. it was reported to them over the weekend. >> i have to talk about a serious issue over allegations about an employee for the baltimore police department. >> the police commissioner described elliott simon as a 13 year veteran assigned to the northwest police district. police are not releasing his picture pending charges but they say they've received a complaint against him over the weekend, alleging he sexually assaulted an 18-year-old female. >> this agency is committed to upholding people accountable for misconduct. i have no tolerance for misconduct or offices that
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violate the public trust. >> the commissioner would not take any questions about the case. police are not releasing many details about the allegations. accept that simon was on duty at the time of the alleged assault and hit been suspended without pay pending a criminal and internal investigation. the complaint was initially made to the special investigation section aborted to internal affairs. the state's attorney's office is now conducting its own investigation. >> at this point, these are just simply allegations. the investigation have afforded to the state's attorneys for further investigation. >> the commissioner issued this additional statement after tonight's news conference, saying i wish to reiterate my commitment to the people of baltimore that we will not tolerate any activity which undermines the integrity or the hard work of the men and women of the police department. this agency is committed to accountability and a cold and
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the highest professional standards for our employees. we tried but we were not able to reach officer simon for comment. >> thank you. a man is in critical condition tonight after a shooting in north baltimore. it happened last night. authorities say they found a victim lying unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head. no word tonight on a suspect or a possible motive. howard county police are looking for two men they say attack they talk about store manager. the victim, gary graham, was confronted by the men in the parking lot on the 7100 block of minstrel way sunday morning. shots were fired, hitting him several times. he remains in critical condition. >> baltimore county police confirmed the flea market brawl over the weekend involved motorcycle gangs. two men face assault charges.
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investigators added by the gains as the demon souls motorcycle club and the titan motorcycle club. man was taken to the hospital during the fight outside the north. plaza flee market after being pounded with a rubber mallet. he is expected to recover. >> elmo was in the news tonight. the baltimore native behind a sesame street character is taking a leave of absence after the puppeteer was accused of having a relationship with a 16- year-old boy. >> elmo is one of the most recognizable characters on television. but today it was revealed the actor who voices the sesame street star is taking some time off of war. kevin clash been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy. sesame workshops as a pulpit here denies the charges which were first made back in june -- says the pupeteer denise
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charges were first made back in june. they say they met with the accuser -- he says they met with kevin who denies the accusation. they say he violated company policy regarding internet use but says its investigation on ultimately found the claim to be unsubstantiated. for his part, the is issued a press reports classical the web site tmz, "i had a relationship with the accuser, it was between two consenting adults and i am saddened he is making it into something it was knocked." clash granted a leave of absence to fight the allegations and protect his reputation. >> the show is currently in production and the new york times reports other puppeteers will fill in as the voice of clash's
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congress returns to mark off with a bullet of issues. it's been seven weeks since congress last gathered in washington. in this lame duck session, serious budget issues are on the table. the president is met two -- expected to meet with leaders this week. cox congressional leaders want to know much more about what led up to the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus. congressman said on the house intelligence committee said -- but says he was in the dark about the investigation until hours after it went public. that is one the most surprising aspects of this case. the president was not cold and neither was congress. >> that is right. healing a lot suspected -- speculation and injury, especially by republicans who
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think this was kept under wraps. former cia director general david petraeus admits his relationship with paula broadwell crossed the line. the question is, did there appear to jeopardize national security? paula broadwell's recent remarks on the bank of the attack amplified the issue. >> they took some libyan members prisoner and they think the attack was an effort to get the prisoners back. >> officials reveal classified documents were found on paula broadwell's computer but both she and petraeus deny he gave her them. >> the probe began when a petraeus family friend told the fbi she was receiving threatening e-mails. the fbi says this e-mail glenn beck to paula broadwell and revealed her a failed -- a pair
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with petraeus. officials say there is no evidence intelligence was compromise but some politicians want to know why no one outside the agency was notified before election day. >> it is very troubling on the face of it. there are a lot of facts that need to be developed. >> despite the political firestorm brewing, it appears the investigation did follow proper protocol. >> it is not appropriate for the fbi or justice department while an investigation is ongoing to be telling third parties about what is happening. >> , touch with its burger is slated to meet with the head of the fbi -- congressman dutch ruthlesberge is slated to meet with the head of the fbi. >> while this election is done,
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some are already thinking about potential 2016 candidates. gov. martin o'malley is being included as a democrat possibly eyeing the white house. and a new survey of 400 iowa democrats, it shows hillary clinton as the clear favorite in the 2016 caucuses. the maryland governor did not fare well in that ceremony. he got 4% in the poll of a hypothetical run. he drew not sure responses. >> you amde need to think of another way to get to work tomorrow after to water main break. the first happened in baltimore city at madison and guilford avenue is where it 30 inch main burst. residents and businesses experienced a loss of water are lower water pressure as a result. madison between faldway to
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clavert -- calvert remain closed. dpw crews are dealing with a 16 inch pipe break in rosedale. that happen on philadelphia wrote. affected water service by -- at hospital nearby. officials say they hope to have overnight.epaired this comes five days after a 60 inch line adopted on north charles and 20th street. >> maryland state police say to people are dead and three others hurt after a tractor trailer overturned on to a pickup truck in liberty town. a tractor trailer was traveling north on route 75 around 2:00 this afternoon when it rounded a sharp curve. the truck overturned as plant into a pickup truck traveling south. two people in the pickup truck
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were pronounced dead at the scene. three others were taken to area hospitals. the accident is under investigation. officials in anne arundel county i try to figure out what sparked a fire in severn. in the 300 block of wild willow way. the three people inside the home were able to escape without injuries. >> a major national convention has returned to baltimore. yesterday the 2012 general assembly of the jewish federations of north america kicked off. one of the largest conventions of jewish lay leaders, philanthropists and charity groups. eli weisel says pride in jewishness remains under siege. >> israel is still a danger. israel still needs [indiscernible] before.e than ever
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>> he spoke beside the chairman of the jewish agency for israel. they recounted the 1987 march on washington. it will examine the most impressing issues facing the jewish religion today. another big convention in baltimore. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops opened their general assembly today. church leaders said it will not change their strategy of the marriage are birth control despite the outcome of the election. maryland is one of four states that voted to legalize gay marriage. tomorrow the bishops considers making a statement on the economy. >> people gathered to pay tribute to our veterans in the third annual veterans parade that began on charles street at 10:00 this morning. several organizations were involved, including the buffalo soldiers and members of the rotc. those who fought in wars past said they were pleased with the
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turnout and enjoyed reminiscing with fellow veterans. >> just reminisce. go back in memories and think of all the ones that did not make it back. >> it gives me a warm feeling inside to know that people still remember. >> very proud of everyone who was actually served and to our guys overseas. i am encouraged and out here supporting them as well. >> today's parade ended at war memorial plaza where a service was held. >> the i.t. exposed the house scheme that city inspectors say put tenants in danger. >> barry sims texas inside. >> she shared the space with her two daughters. >> this is actually my room. the living room here, this was the living room. they built this wall here. this is where i sleep. there is no window.
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>> she moved in after signing a rental agreement. days later, another family rented a room in the same house. they paid rent to two men they thought represented the property owner. one of them made some big promises. >> when i got here, he was saying it will be carpeted, there will be washers and dryers, two bathrooms. there is only one you can actually use. and i am sharing it with my two kids and 12 other people. >> that included sandra edwards. >> it was nothing like he said. he said there were too baffin's, a washer and dryer, that is what he washarging us $450 a month -- he said there were carpets, a
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washer and dryer, that is what he way he was charging us $450 a month. >> the tennis share the second- floor bathroom, telling us they could not use -- the tenants share the second-floor bathroom, telling us they cannot get to the one on the bottom floor. also there are fire and safety hazards. we tried to talk to anyone responsible for the house. they finally caught up with hinton, who residents believe was one of the landlords. can we talk to you? >> i do not own the property. >> what is the situation then? >> there is the situation with the property. >> what are people being thrown out? >> nobody is being thrown out. >> that is what they're telling us. on hiss name appears
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rental agreement. it's as tenants are to pay their rent to him or to this man, germain miller. housing officials said the men least the house from a homeowner for $1,100 a month. the home owner was not aware of what it were up to until neighbors complained about trash and he went to see it. it has a commissioner. >> the doors had been altered with room numbers and locks that before.there >> this was not the only unlicensed home they operated. this house in east baltimore was one of several other locations. we found ads for the properties of craigslist tradition nice rooms and call for a security deposit. potential tenants are told if you need somewhere to live here budget is not enough for an apartment or house, called mr. miller. another says, you will easily be
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approved a. sorry if you are a bad apple. you gots to go,. after several attempts, we found him in downtown baltimore, their on unrelated charges, fire arm convconviction. know nothing about that. >> the city has -- they are saying that is what your running. that is why we're asking. >> not me. like the housing authority provided temporary shelter for some of the tenants and demanded their rent be returned. they are developing a plan for fire inspection. but any to make sure we look at these buildings and see if they can be occupy a bull. -- occupied. >> he says finding adequate
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shelter does not mean anyone should settle for a place that puts life, health, and safety at risk. >> miller and hitnon are now facing charges of operating a rooming house without a permit. if convicted, they could get up to 90 days in jail. >> the holiday will not be so jolly for customers. superstars standing up more than 2 feet of snow, snapping many of the giant furs. the owner sent us this photograph of the conditions at his farm. more than 3000 trees were damaged. this is the second or third worst weather at his farm has endured. as a result, he has had to refund 70% of this year's order. some of those trees can take as long as 30 years to grow. >> your insta weather forecast. >> so spotty showers around here
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in baltimore. this little line of heavier shower activity is now rolling through parts of carroll county, east and frederick county, about to get into western howard and montgomery. some strong wind gusts. 40-55 mph. burst of moist air and colder temps move in. look for that. about to reach the baltimore area in the next few minutes. and pressing eastward across the bay. some strong gusty winds. it will change the temperature dramatically. we were almost up to 70 degrees today at the airport. 11 degrees warmer than what is normal for this day. record high, 78 degrees. 1879. look at the high temperatures recorded today. up and down the eastern seaboard. 20's, upper midwest.
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those were highs today. big changes with gusty winds as the front moves through. we will get past the shower activity by midday tomorrow. in the cold air sums -- comes in. 34 at oakland where the wind shift has already occurred. rain will miss the snow in the mountains tonight. rain in the morning. all of sunshine for the last few hours in the afternoon to mark. skies will be very sunny and clear for wednesday. an inch or two possible and the garrett county. once the showers move out, the big area of high pressure covers much of the middle of the country. that will be with us through the middle of the week. thursday, keep an eye to the south. low pressure try to form on the
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carolina coast. could bring some clouds or showers to the east of us. was this fund tonight goes through,: drive. 45-50 overnight. temperatures barely budged. low 50's for highs smart. temperatures may even fall the bid. it small craft advisory to offer gusts to 25 knots. a couple snow showers in the mountains. still cold wednesday. 39 for the high in western maryland. temperatures in the 50's on the eastern shore.winds gusting at ocean city. 40's to lowper 50's for a few days. >> thank you. no time for sleeping right now. >> not yet. jay leno and jimmy fallon give
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us the run down. >> a fun show tonight. leah michell from glee. toby keith and headlines. let's check in with jimmy. >> thank you. chelsea handler. see you tonight on late night. >> stay up late tonight. nextterps in sports. >> tonight's multi match a jjack -- jackpot. 38, 3, 35, 42, 26, and 31.
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if no one matches all6 numbers, the jackpot climbs to $1.4 million.
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>> the ravens and the stee lers. pittsburgh leads kansas city jury to minutes left in the game. earlys quarterback left with of might shoulder injury and is not returned. -- with a right shoulder injury and has not returned. the points separated the winner from the lows are in each game. that has -- what the ravens i
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guess the against the raiders. special teams help win the battle. jacoby joins -- and end zone dance after he tossed the ball to his mom in the stands. >> his family was right in that corner. he tossed the ball to his mom. they have that little dance thing going. they did show it to the team today. i remember the cabbage patch but i do not remember the dance itself. you want to demonstrate it for us up here? >> i think he got it down. no demonstrations there. maryland;s basketball team holds more promise.
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the turks pick up their first win of the season tonight. -- the terps pick up their first win of the season tonight. connecting for the hanging lay up. a dozen points. it's three from the top of the yard. a slow start in the second half. the terps tepid from getting too interesting. finished the game with 8. they finsih off morgan state, 67-45. player of the week honors for the first week of the season. len grabbed 12 rebounds in the three-point loss to kentucky in the season opener. he caught the attention of nba scouts who showed up to watch kentucky players. umbc tonight. the retrievers coach took over a week before practice from randy monroe who resigned. umbc facing easting coach by another monroe assistant.
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working to transition games. alley oop. roseboro was strong tonight. delighting his friends and families who turned up to see the press and put down the jumper from the corner. roseboro just too tough. umbc gets its first win of the season, 70-52. half time,t hey honore the c oach and the mens soccer team. it will have to the ncaa tournaments. tjheey will head to ncaa tournament. we worked hard all year long for. at this point in this season, you want to get prepared for them tomorrow.
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we have a lot of respect for them but we will prepare ourselves to interim plan well. >> the ground. 7 day forecast right after this.
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>> big changes. some rain coming through. wind will kick up, too. gusty windsl . it will clear out tomorrow afternoon. sunshine wednesday. cool temperatures for the rest of the week. another chance of rain towards the end of the week. >> normal weather. we like that. >> the night -- the tonight show is up next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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